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Love Ghost-Wolfsbane(ft. Rico Nasty)
Love Ghost-Wolfsbane(ft. Rico Nasty)
Love Ghost-Wolfsbane(ft. Rico Nasty)

Love Ghost-Wolfsbane (ft. Rico Nasty) | Aura

The end of the 90’s was a good reminder that nu-metal and rap weren’t good genres to mash. They screamed ‘brodudes’ and angry teens who took out their fury on a slushy, muddy ground. I’m referring to Limp Bizkit’s famous Woodstock ’99 set that was blamed for the riots. It’s time to change the rep given to rap-rock, because Love Ghost enters the game with a different aim. The song- Wolfsbane.

Love Ghost and Rico Nasty deliver a surreal lo-fi hip hop track strung by distorted guitar and riffs from the nu-metal era. Their song is heavy, and hemorrhages a vibe that is fit for any “protagonist walk towards defining task” in an action-packed Hollywood movie. It is elemental, doesn’t push excessive sound or effects so that you can focus on the lyrics, which are really saying something.

Wolfsbane is part of a series of singles that Love Ghost are releasing with Mike Summers(Kendrick Lamar, Lil Wayne, Tech N9ne). The first single has already got me amped for the next, scheduled to release monthly. Hopefully, an album is in the works, because who doesn’t like to commute feeling like a badass?

Wolfsbane has the depth and flavor of being relied on to change the mood using the lo-fi spectrum. The production work is exceptional- so headphones recommended while you zone out.

Tune into the lo-fi heaven of Wolfsbane:

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