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Kindred Connection - What a Way
Kindred Connection - What a Way

Kindred Connection – What a Way

What a Way by Kindred Connection is a song about longing and heartbreak. The melody and tone are soothing, but have an undertone of melancholy. The song is primarily built on the back of an electronic beat that combines with a gentle piano. Further, the use of violin helps bring out the mournful element. The song features two verses with their own choruses, and a bridge that is a bit more electronic than the rest of the song.

Kindred Connection has a contemporary Snow Patrol quality. The duo comprises close friends and musicians Gabriele and Mattia. Mattia specialises in electronic arrangements, and Gabriele’s skill of the guitar has a folk-like quality. The two united their passions for music, and now they create musical dreamscapes. Kindred Connection quickly became a heard-of name in the alt rock and indie scene after the release of their first single in 2020. 

The lyrics to the song What a Way capture the singer’s grief and helplessness as his lover left him without any prior intimation. He knows the facts, that they won’t return and he has to go on by himself. However, the lack of closure causes him to burn. It gets worse since he knows they will never come back and he will have to digest these emotions by himself, very slowly and painfully. 

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