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Moon Walker-Disturbed Suburbia
Moon Walker-Disturbed Suburbia
Moon Walker-Disturbed Suburbia

Moon Walker-Disturbed Suburbia | Funk

The funk has been lost for a while now. The period of merging funk into pop could only be done by a select few, adept at the art and instruments that speak the groove. All good things must pass, and many must return if they’re very good. Welcome back the funk groove with Moon Walker’s latest single- Disturbed Suburbia.

Moon Walker have somehow managed to elude my radar & deprive me of what’s groovy now. Where the funk they have been, I don’t know. But now they’re in my favorites, and there’s no going back.

Disturbed Suburbia is a treat to listen as it is to watch the music video. It depicts the deluded urban dreams and the obsession with consumerism. You read this in a social studies paper, you probably burn it in the trash. You listen to it with a slapping groove, tight drums and funky guitar & bassline-you dance to that stuff.

Moon Walker is Harry Springer, the singer/guitarist and Sean McCarthy- drummer. The duo have really found their niche with this style, and all their singles speak that language. The TV Made Me Do It was also a fun escapade with this unique style, and the songs go beyond what’s sung about regularly to have a special kick to it.

Disturbed Suburbia is already maybe one of the best Moon Walker songs that have been released. It is wholesome and loop-worthy for the highest time period. For now, let me lay in the filth of that Stevie Wonder like groove and drum fills, its totally worth it.

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