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D Loono - A Little Bit of Sunshine
D Loono - A Little Bit of Sunshine

D Loono – A Little Bit of Sunshine

A Little Bit of Sunshine is the debut single by D Loono, a secretive musician who is yet to put anything about himself on the internet – other than his music of course!

A Little Bit of Sunshine is exactly what the name suggests: it’s warm, easy-going, and has a beachy summer vibe. However, there is something that the name does not give away: it is an Electro/EDM pop number. The song has a very pop vibe with its mellow beats, and the chorus is the more EDM part of it.

The lyrics and the sounds are very fun, that takes you back to an afternoon of video games with your friends when you were twelve, probably because of the video game-like sounds across the song. Further, that essence of camaraderie isn’t accidental. D Loono made the song as a tribute to a dearly departed friend.

With this knowledge, it is impossible to not rethink the song just a little bit. What seems playful on the surface is packed with emotions and incredible positivity for a loved one lost too soon. The electronic vocals tell the story of a friendship where the two were inseparable – like fire and light, they belonged together. However, the light of this friendship still brings the artist an insurmountable amount of joy, so much so that it is sublime!

Coupled with a video that features beach visuals and sheep (what?), A Little Bit of Sunshine is a head bobbing-listen and ‘a big smile on the face’ kind of watch!

From D Loono

So obviously I want to hear more, and I had to ask D Loono where can listeners like myself find him given he’s new to the internet.

“I am indeed new to the internet. But you can find me on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.”

I can sense a poise in his first track, he has spent many many hours on it. So how did D Loono get his start, and how long has been working on/around music?

“I studied Music Technology at university. I was taught by some fantastic producers.  They saw something in my songwriting and encouraged me to pursue it.  Severely lacking confidence and self esteem, I still had this burning desire to create and share my work. I think it’s a conflict that a lot of creative people face.  My fears definitely kept me behind the scenes for a while.  I first started composing music for commercials and short films. At the same time, I’d be writing and recording songs for myself as an artist – which were just sitting there.  As more time passed, I realised I didn’t want my fears to turn into regrets. And I figured it was time to plan some releases!”

A Little Bit of Sunshine must be really close to the artist’s heart, so what does this song mean to him?

“Loss has always been a powerful force when it comes to creating. When my dear friend Lisa sadly passed away just over a year ago, I felt compelled to write something. But I didn’t want to focus on the darker aspects of loss. I really wanted to celebrate our friendship and the more fun and stupid side of times we spent together. All our little adventures.”
“It’s the first time I’ve ever been able to write something that’s a really uplifting tribute to someone I love very dearly. I’ve written ‘gut wrenching pain’ songs which definitely have their place in this world. But after the couple of years we’ve all had, I think we need some reasons to smile.”

Who are some artists that D Loono looks up to for great music and inspiration when in a rut?

“I have always liked Electropop/EDM but I draw from a range of influences both inside and outside of the genre. Sometimes, all it takes is a drum beat to inspire me. Or I’ll hear a really weird synth sound and my brain starts filling in the blanks. In terms of artists that I admire, there are so many. I’d say  Daft Punk, Basement Jaxx, MGMT, Empire of The Sun and Susanne Sundfor is incredible! I love older tunes too. I love hearing how music evolves from decade to decade.  80s music holds a very special place in my heart, from the likes of Depeche Mode, Ultravox, Pet Shop Boys, The Eurythmics and too many more to mention, but you get the idea.”

What’s next from D Loono

What’s in store for the fans, and when can we hear it?

“I’ve been enjoying making lyric videos for all my upcoming releases, including this one. I’ve infused them with a bit of my quirky humour. They’re all viewed through the lens of the stupidly big glasses that I sometimes wear as D Loono.  I have the next 4 to5 singles and lyric videos ready to go. One of my favourite songs which is very Electropop is called ‘Electronic State of Mind’ and I’m tempted to make that one the next single. Lots more is on the way but I wanted to get ‘A Little Bit of Sunshine’ out while we still have a little bit of summer left! It can be heard on all the usual digital platforms, and do check out the lyric video too!”

Listen to D Loono’s A Little Bit of Sunshine here:

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