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April Gallo - Help Yourself
April Gallo - Help Yourself

April Gallo – Help Yourself

Help yourself by April Gallo is a pop number with an RnB feel. It stands out to me for it has some of the best-written lyrics I’ve heard in a while.

Help yourself opens with an electric guitar melody which sets an immediate RnB vibe. The piano and the beats keep it jazzy while the electric strings serve as a perfect contrast to April’s sultry, deep vocals.

Help Yourself is what you expect from the title. It is a song about choosing to make a change and helping yourself go through with it. The artist sympathizes with the circumstances that have lead the listener here. She understands how their current state affects their judgment. The verses are layered with hard-hitting lyrics, which are hopeful and encouraging throughout. April’s vocals push the song to a very intimate plane. Her insane vocal range showcases quite well across the bridge especially. 

April Gallo’s intelligent use of impactful lyrics on the track creates something very personal for those who need a friend to pick them up today. Some phrases really do stand out and stay with you long after you have heard the song. And in her gentility, she assured the listener that she will stay with them through the journey of getting back on track. Her goal is to remind the listener of their own worth. She knows they will then find their own way to help themselves.

In Conversation with April Gallo

Ques 1. It’s so inspiring to see artists coming from a humble background; every artist needs to hear that everything is possible when you work hard on your dreams! How do you think your childhood experiences shaped your expression?

“I was given opportunities to sing and learn music from an early age. I feel very lucky about that. Musically, I was able to explore different avenues. I was able to build my confidence performing since I was a child, and I developed a strong desire to have my music heard.”

Ques 2. I hear a little bit of Christina Aguilera and a little bit of Alecia Keys in your voice. Who were your musical inspirations growing up and how did you find your style?

“Thank you, that is a massive compliment! During my teen years, I listened to a lot of Neo-Soul/ R&B artists such as Lauren Hill, Jill Scott & Alicia Keys. They have had a massive influence on my personal music style. I also grew up listening to a lot of Blues, Soul & Jazz around the house. I went to Jazz Clubs to watch live Jazz from a pretty early age. Some of my upcoming songs definitely have more of a soul/ jazz vibe to them. I remember watching the singers on stage thinking, “One day, I want to be you!”

What influenced Help Yourself

Ques 3. What’s the kind of music I can find you listening to on a Saturday afternoon at home in the jammies?

“It really depends on how I’m feeling! I do love a classic ballad that I can belt to. You could often find me playing Adele. But if I want to pump myself up to go out on a Saturday night, I might be dancing to electronic or house music. I also love to listen to jazz music on a rainy afternoon. But more often than not, you can probably catch me listening to my idol, Amy Winehouse.”

Ques 4. Let’s talk about Help Yourself – what inspired you to make the song, and how does it make you feel?

“‘Help Yourself’, written in the comfort of my humble bedroom, is a song that aims to inspire women to find independence and strength within themselves. When I first took the song to the studio, my producer KB created beats, and the rest of the song effortlessly followed. The amazing Kumar Shome, the guitarist for Sampa The Great, played the guitar riff which soon formed the basis of the song. It aligned perfectly with the Jorja Smith-esque, R&B vibe we were striving for. The bridge’s lyrics  ‘don’t run away… I’m gonna stay,’ repeat continuously for the remainder of the song. Layered underneath the final choruses to create a powerful & emotional song finale, the lyrics aim to provide a sense of hope and empowerment to those who want to transform their pain into power.”

What’s next from April Gallo after Help Yourself

Ques 5. Help Yourself is out now, and you’ve got another album coming soon. What do these projects mean to you, and where do you want to go from here?

“I’m currently working on my debut album. I have a collection of singles which will be released in the upcoming months. Someone told me that your first album is made up of all of the music that has influenced you up until that stage of your life. I think that is absolutely true for this upcoming album. It’s made up of a range of genres including soul, jazz, blues, RnB, funk & disco. Each song represents the music that has shaped who I am today.”

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