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Vỏ Sò - Downcast
Vỏ Sò - Downcast

Vỏ Sò – Downcast | Driving

The trio of Vỏ Sò is formed by the guitarist/songwriter Claire Pitt Wigmore, and Electronica duo Liotia. The trio have been influenced heavily by Trip Hop, Dub and Indie Rock and released their debut single, Downcast this month! There’s a lot going on with Vỏ Sò, and they own that so well.

Downcast is a track that uses a mashup of dubby bass, grungy guitars and melancholic vocals. This trio makes me so reminiscent of early 2000s Post Punk when Midtown, Dashboard Confessional, and Turnover were still laying the groundwork for this kind of music. But, where those bands lacked, Vỏ Sò has significantly picked up the Electronica. Downcast has these beautiful distortions that are kind of mind-bending in the most comforting way possible.

With similar elements to Post Rock, this trio has taken the best of every genre that I listen to and curated one big track that implements it all. Vỏ Sò has definitely raised my ears and I’m definitely saving these guys to my radar.

If I could express my taste in music in one song, it is Downcast by Vỏ Sò. These three have made me feel every emotion I’ve associated with music in just one singular track and I am excited to hear what else they have in store.

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