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Illegal Mind-Forbidden Content
Illegal Mind-Forbidden Content
Illegal Mind-Forbidden Content

Illegal Mind-Forbidden Content | Thrash

Get up off the couch because it’s time for finding that artist you weren’t searching for. Instead of listening to that same old playlist, add some good kick to it-and Illegal Mind have just the right content for you. Just beware listening to it, it might lead to social awakening.

Churning the fury of 90’s grunge, Illegal Mind give us songs from below the mound, where the filth & good rock music reside. Forbidden Content charges with purpose, and their songs are your journey to grapple up the mountain. Let’s have a look at what they’re presenting-

The desire for content

Opening with the sonic disturbance of First Contact, Illegal Mind waste no more than 30 seconds to tear into the next track. Upon listening to Inside the Machine, the second track in the album, the first looks only like a warning light. It was fair warning, before the fireworks.

The drums and guitars fire through, while the vocalists harmonize for an energetic & impressive array of vocals. Inside the Machine features a great riff library to go the distance. As both the guitars complement each other, the track floats away before you realize it’s time to put it on repeat. Max Datskovsky did the clean vocals, growls and guitars for the album. Alex Zvulun did the guitars and bass. Arthur Blinov was on the drums and they’ve done a terrific job with intense chemistry.

Silence Before the Storm opens with the synths of Octavarium by Dream Theater, before switching up gears and straying away from mellow melody. Let’s give the people smelting hot steel. As the guitars enter with purpose, the track regains meaning- the meaning of metal. The nu-metal style riff opens the gates to the netherworld. The song relies on the chugging of riffs and some striking vocals along with harmony amongst the devilish instrument combining to make a banger tune. Some of the best growling I’ve heard as well. The chorus refuses to leave my head, it’s been 3 days.

Megadeth style riff fury highlights the next track, Free. As the group breaks chains from the material that ties them to this position in space and time, their track can definitely fuel a spaceship out of here. Illegal Mind have illegally good chorus parts that I cannot get enough of.

Bleeding Sky features another catchy riff, with some mass to rest upon the solid earth. The title may mean the same as Slayer’s popular smashing track, but Bleeding Sky has its own vibe that implodes in a crash of fury. The chemistry of the group is almost tangible now, though the song may be a lament it powers through as one of the best on the album.

Missing thrash & prog metal? Alleviate yourself from those petty grievances, We Live On A Planet is here to give you what you needed. Great chorus again, for an explosive and energetic song. Like a tsunami crashing on shore, the song carries the melody on a surf way, way high. Loved the double bass bit, amped the song up to 220V again.

One of the best intros, Major Problems starts with suppressed drums and guitar before giving us a very healthy dose of a distinguished and interesting chorus. With mild flavours of pop, Illegal Mind close the album the same way they opened it, piquing interest.

This album will be on loop in my device, it revives several features of rock that mysteriously disappeared over the years. All good songs resurface, but some are never heard of. Probably because they are forbidden content- and we know that the forbidden fruit is sweetest.

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