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Bloodtooth-Let's Pull Together By Keeping Apart
Bloodtooth-Let's Pull Together By Keeping Apart
Bloodtooth-Let's Pull Together By Keeping Apart

Bloodtooth-Let’s Pull Together By Keeping Apart | Slow-Burn

As songs pick up on the suffocating atmosphere of the pandemic, quarantine & the other losses the past 2 years brought, Bloodtooth tell their story, a different way. Their new single is called Let’s Pull Together by Keeping Apart, a simple instruction that can flow into relationships with life as well as the current aspect of life.

I think we like to tell stories in our songs and the latest single is about trying so hard to make something work and it becoming too much, that it’s too 

painful, that everything mounts up and you decide the best thing to do although you don’t want to is to part. 

So I guess there’s a slow burn build up in that emotion.

The track pushes through with the oxymoron in the title, trying to tell the story beyond the words. The instruments do their best to sing, keeping the slow burn element going while treating your psyche to nostalgia of feelings you might or might not have ruminated about.

I mean it can be a love song. It can be the ending of a relationship of any kind; from the relationship of someone you’re romantically involved with,

to your best friend, to your family member, to your work colleague etc. Like the message/ story isn’t to walk away at the first sign of things going wrong, 

As you were saying about it being slow burn, it’s going through a process and weighing up that there is nothing left to do but to keep apart.

The duality of songs

Writing a song about distance itself is challenging, as it can be translated into one of two things. Bloodtooth use the strength of vocals and the constant hum of the instrument frequency to create a heavy tension, something that is palpable but unreachable.

It also isn’t necessarily a place of breaking up, it might be simply to just have a bit of distance or boundaries physically or in your feelings for one another. 

Like you’ll always love and care for who you love or your family will always be your family. But if your love for one another is giving you so much joy but also

so much pain over months or years you really must weigh up whether it’s best to keep going or keep apart. 

The hardest thing to do is to walk away from someone you love but sometimes if we want to be kind to ourselves and each other; there is no reason to wear a nice dress

that is cutting off/ impending on the circulation to your brain and heart every day for the rest of your life.

And wouldn’t it be nice if it’s a mutual realization or agreement with respect for one another rather than an entirely unpleasant event.

There might be a resounding semblance to the lives we live now, but also to the lives we’ve lived before, without realizing. The suffocation can come from anywhere, the idea is to enforce a barrier that is spatial, which the song tries to transcend into emotions. A well-balanced track laced with profound lyrics and proficient composition.

I think the lyrics were something we really wanted to put across and be heard, so it’s quite minimal and raw on this track.

Choosing poetry at its simplest, the song pleads to observe and respond to what we are seeing and experiencing as a species.

Making the track

I think it started with the marching beat and then I came up with the bassline and then the lyrics

were quite organic to come through after that from a slogan I saw on the side of a lift ha-ha.

Like always, it suprises me where inspiration can strike. It also weighs on you heavily what you do with the inspiration, and Bloodtooth have churned out a bittersweet track to get hooked to this very hot summer.

We have an eclectic taste between us as a project and have some kind of aversion to being too predictable. 

It will most likely be in the realm of alternative or come from an alternative/ indie rock/ electronic lo-fi place. Whatever genre 

people want to put us under and it is always interesting and exciting to see what people say or compare it to. 

Like what kind of m&m flavor are you? you smell like mint chocolate but taste like raspberry almond today as an analogy.

Switching to confectionary discussions might have strayed me off topic a bit, but it was important to understand the plane in which they perform. Like a sheet over genres, they can alter according to the track. We have a lot more to experience with a young group like Bloodtooth.

I asked them what’s next in store for Bloodtooth fans:

All I can say is prepare for the unexpected mwhahaha *evil laugh*

We will be releasing the album later this year and meanwhile if you follow us, you will most definitely witness some exciting releases of more new singles.

Listen to their slow-burn single here:

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