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Chrsitian Powers - 2000 Miles
Chrsitian Powers - 2000 Miles

Christian Powers – 2000 Miles | Fluid

Christian Powers is an 18 year old artist who has a good grasp of production. While there’s not much history to this novel artist, he seems comfortable enough in his music. The independent artist is primarily into Hip Hop, but he expresses his interest in working with other genres ranging from Pop to RnB. Powers has a pretty fluidic flow that matches his beats well. His lyrics are pretty introspective and fairly simple to understand making it easy for you to relate to. Christian Powers is on an ambitious journey, but seems set up to follow through on it.

2000 Miles is a groovy track with typical Chill Hop beats and percussions. However, Powers’ smooth vocals on the track really tie the whole song together. His lyrics talk of a longing for someone who is the right person, just at the wrong time. Of course, it’s relatable to the High School love and heartbreak we all felt once we graduate and move on with our lives. The easy-flowing track uses some well placed and equalized synths that drive the song forward along with the smooth vocals of Christian Powers.

Although there’s not much information out there, we were fortunate enough to talk to Christian to hear what he has to say.

What do you think is the main agenda of Hip-Hop? How do you see Hip-Hop?

I see hip hop as a feeling of music that keeps people going. It’s kept me going when I’ve needed motivation or an outlet, and it continues to do so.

What’s the best and worst thing about a recording artist in the midst of the pandemic?

Personally, as an independent artist who has had complete control over my situation, the pandemic hasn’t affected me all too much. I wouldn’t necessarily say there’s good or bad that came out of it for my career.

Can you tell us which artist (old or modern) you’d like to work with?

 I would love to work with plentiful artists in the industry, ranging from pop to hip hop: Eminem, NF, Joyner Lucas, Justin Bieber, Faouzia, Gawvi, Post Malone, etc.

As a young artist, what do you think your greatest challenge is?

I think my greatest challenge right now is breaking through mental barriers in order to maximize my opportunities and potential. Many of the times our biggest challenges are against our own weaknesses. I’m determined to point those weaknesses out within myself and destroy them.

What does 2000 Miles mean to you?

 “2000 Miles” was written about a woman I was in love with, and someone I still care about deeply. To me it’s just another way of showing that person how much they mean to me, despite them living afar.

Who would you consider the inspiration behind 2000 Years?

The inspiration of this song is someone I care about who lives 2000 miles away. 

What’s the next step for you in your musical journey?

 I believe my next step is to continue releasing music and content consistently as I develop more connections in the music industry. I want to establish myself as an artist and create more connections with bloggers and artists especially. And of course, as always, I want to continue to improve my craft to become the best artist that I could possibly be.

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