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All The Racket - Seashells
All The Racket - Seashells

All The Racket – Seashells | Vibe

Canadian pop duo All The Racket, comprising singer-songwriters and producers Phil Macindoe and Ramin Mirzaei are searing through the indie-pop scene in Toronto, and we are here for it.

Returning from their debut single Tequila Dreams that aired not so long ago, All The Racket add another one to their discography with the release of their freshest number — Seashells. If there was ever a perfectly concise feel-good summer groove that gets a crowd swaying, Seashells would fit right into that department.

The three-minute track manages to bring back some of the pre-pandemic 2014 pop nostalgia that dominated the Billboard, with their funky hooks, subtle xylophonic elements mixed with electronic melodies, all in a ridiculously contagious and frenzied frolicky vibe that draws the listener into itself. The track is characteristically a combination of electronic pop, mono-pop and electronic dance music.

Seashells uses some of the most widely celebrated and appreciated pop formulas and manages to make them completely their own, adding in their own signature elements — making it one that should find its way into the playlists of everyone planning on not staying under a roof this summer. 

Captivated by the sound of the duo, we managed to reach out to them to have them tell us about their work. Here is how that went: 

Congratulations on your latest track! How would you describe Seashells to someone who is getting into your sound fully fresh?

Thank you so much we’re happy people are enjoying it! Seashells will be featured on our upcoming project, and it’s certainly the most pop, feel good tune which appears. Seashells represents All The Racket well because of its catchy chorus, continuous build up and abundant layer of fun vocals. We would hope a new listener to this song would feel the urge to dance because we often find one of our goals to include getting people to let loose and dance and live in the moment with what they’re hearing. 

We found Seashells to be a thoroughly contagious electronic poppy number, with instances of dream pop and indie pop. How would you describe the track?

Seashells is a tropical sounding chill pop tune with many vocal layers and passionate, personal lyrics. The vibe of the song, on its surface, is easy and breezy, something you would hear at a beach, although the lyrics depict a very different and darker story, which creates the juxtaposition we were after. Because of this, the song is interesting regardless of how much attention you give to it. We’re always looking for creative ways to make more advanced tracks and hope that these tools and tactics can become a part of our image and brand. We want to deliver high quality song writing to all the listeners we are lucky enough to earn, because they deserve it.

Two-man acts have become increasingly rare over the years! What do the songwriting and music-making processes look like for All The Racket?

We love being a tight knit group, which makes for the perfect middle ground between having enough of us to divide our agenda and workload as well as being able to agree more easily on our creative choices as musicians. We also admire that Death from Above 1979 is a duo who are consistently killing it.

Typically, we start with a piano or guitar riff that demands our attention and build on it. When we create a chorus that’s fun to play, we know we are getting somewhere. Lyrically, a general idea of the message is in mind when the instrumental is created. Once the instrumental is complete, we decide on the lyrics specifically and the whole thing comes together. We are grateful and passionate about producing our own tracks, and doing our own writing.

Who would you say are your greatest musical influences? How much of these influences have trickled down into your own work and how?

Phil’s biggest influences include John Mayer as well as City and Colour, which both heavily influence his guitar playing and writing. They likely influence his songwriting approach more than he even realizes because he is so enamoured by their work and talents. 

Ramin’s biggest influencers are gorillaz, franz ferdinand, two door cinema club and a swedish band named den svenska björnstammen. Ramin comes more from the musical side of things, and loves listening to melody and how uniquely it can be delivered. 

Only two singles under your belt and the act has managed to gather a significant number of ears from across the globe! Can the fans expect a longer project in the future, say a full-length EP or an album?

We’re happy to report a project will be released relatively soon with released and currently unreleased tracks that we are so excited to share. We aren’t yet set on its length or of the exact tracks that will appear. With the direction of newer musicians focusing more towards releasing singles for streaming services, we’ve been having so much fun relishing in the journey our singles experience as they become released that we admittedly sometimes forget about the traditional way of releasing a complete album. Releasing an album or a complete project of some fashion is another experience altogether, one of which we can’t wait to encounter, which we hope you will enjoy!

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