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6 Wheelz - Cuffing Season
6 Wheelz - Cuffing Season

6 Wheelz – Cuffing Season ft. honey menu | Unfettered

Hip-hop artist and music producer Johnathan Patterson a.k.a 6 Wheelz continues to make music against all odds, updating his discography with the release of his latest cyphered track Cuffing Season.

Returning from some of his earlier works such as Story to Tell and The Notebook, 6 Wheelz appears on his new track his most honest, self-assured and assertive personality on the mic — conjuring an authoritative conviction to deliver the thematic inclinations of the story the rhyme lies on. The track divided itself into compartments — the cyphers and the bridge melodies sung by relatively newer artist honey menu.

The smooth rhythm and blues melodies exhibit occasional variations to a near-jazzy soulful extravaganza, serving as the musical tissue that holds the cruder rap elements together. The singer’s silky and mature vocal deliveries suspend the track in an almost suspenseful dream state. Thematically, the track flirts with the ideas surrounding contemporary romance, highlighting the ephemeral and transitory element of it that has come to be. In the face of such uncertainty, the track serves as an introspective stream of consciousness. 

Diagnosed with cerebral palsy at a very nascent age, 6 Wheelz does not allow the world to bind him down from his true passion for making music. Be sure to check out the track here: 

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