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Samuel Joson - Queen
Samuel Joson - Queen

Samuel Joson – Queen

Queen is a clean, jazzy number by Samuel Joson. The song is an ode to a majestic, graceful woman who has the singer in the palm of her hand. It features powerful vocals, and the judicious use of electric guitar really shines through in the song.

Minneapolis-based artist Samuel Joson released his previous single Lilac only earlier this year. With his second single out, it is clear that the musician has beautifully sturdy vocals and great knowledge of instruments and melodies. The song Queen has a narrative so romantic and bubble-gum pink that it feels a lot like a Bruno Mars song.

Samuel’s music has a hint of 90’s RnB giving it that nostalgic vibe. However, the production is very clean with beats from the drum which opens the song. The bass adds to the song creating a distinctive jazz flair. The keys serve as a layer of their own on the track, as do Samuel’s vocals. The musical intervals in Queen are accentuated by the masterful use of electric guitar, making the song sexier than it already is. 

The singer is in utter and complete awe of a woman who has enchanted him thoroughly. He is completely obsessed with her, and on his way to falling in love. He is seeking her permission and approval for his emotions, and he is open to things not working out too. However, he is not going to not give it a shot with an angelic personality like herself.

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