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Roos Meijer(ft. Almaghoot)-I Dream of A World
Roos Meijer(ft. Almaghoot)-I Dream of A World
Roos Meijer(ft. Alamghoot)-I Dream of A World

Roos Meijer(ft. Almaghoot)-I Dream Of A World | Enigma

Deviating from the ordinary, Roos Meijer takes an eclectic and diverse dive into genres excluding popular genres. Her latest track I Dream Of A World is a revelation of instruments, effects and chapters of places that are trancedental. In a sense, Roos uses the influences she has and alters the style to give it a conducive background.

Making this track like a journal, this is only a prelude to an entire album of work with such moving music styles.

Tale behind the track

‘I Dream Of A World’ is the second single of my upcoming debut album ‘Why Don’t We Give It A Try?’, which was inspired by conversations I had with changemakers. This song was born after speaking to Zaïre Krieger; a powerhouse of a woman who is a spoken word artist, law graduate, activist for anti-racism, feminism and intersectionality, and the recently announced translator of Amanda Gorman’s speech and book in the Netherlands. We spoke about activism, faith, intersectionality, and perseverance.

Placing the instruments in parts of the track retain an element of storytelling. On asking her about influences:

Radiohead is definitely an influence of mine. Other influences would be Linda Perhacs, Joni Mitchell, Fairuz, Elliot Smith and Bon Iver.

The tectonic shift in music styles

As other artists do, Roos Meijer has to translate the experiences we all had as a species. She had released the album Maktub then, after which many things changed. When I asked her what she did differently:

‘Maktub’ was inspired by the stories of refugees whom I met while working in refugee camps in Greece. That EP was very important to me, and it’s been super special to perform it live. To also see how the songs touch people on a very deep level. After that experience, I starting thinking about a sequel. I always want to push myself outside of my comfort zone, and see how I can reinvent myself as an artist.

That’s why I decided to do something completely new for my album: I interviewed people and tried to capture their story in a song. The people who I had conversations with were all dedicated to a specific societal goal, like anti-racism, feminism, climate activism and many more. Through their stories I hope to inspire my listeners to ask their selves questions and potentially get involved in society as well.

Working with fusion

Now that she’s exploring more styles, there might be some genres she would like to use as framework to organise the kind of music she wants to make.

 I’m not the biggest fan of naming genres, I never know in which box to put myself in, but I like to take inspiration from folk music, classical music, alternative rock music, and Arabic music like Fairuz. In the future I would also like to explore combining alt-folk with some more electronic elements, but that would be for album number two.

The Arabic influences make a big impact on this track with some engrossing solo work on the instruments, elevating Roos’ vocals to another plane.

New music & collaborations

She’s already onto new music, which she talks about:

 ‘In My Name’ and ‘I Dream Of A World’ are the first singles of my upcoming debut album ‘Why Don’t We Give It A Try?’, which will be released in November this year.

Roos Meijer has tried a travelogue this time in an album format like the great Robert Plant. On asking her about further collaborations:

The album is full of collaborations! I worked with many talented musicians to create the sound world that I envisioned and I can’t wait for you all to hear it.

I’m as excited as Roos to hear more tracks because the song is surreal due to the styles blending into each other. Listen to it here:

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