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Marco Ruggiero - Angelino particolare
Marco Ruggiero - Angelino particolare

Marco Ruggiero – Angioletto particolare | Inspiring

Marco Ruggiero was born in Belgium and learned to play guitar from a very young age. Due to his Italian heritage he first learned to sing traditional Italian and typical Neapolitan folk songs by Eugenio Bennato and La Nuova Compagnia di Canto Popolare. Ruggiero spent a significant amount of time in art school in Antwerp where he was classically trained by Hilde Mulkers. He formed his first band in 1993, performing at various clubs and festivals. After releasing his song Fermi i pensieri in 1996 on the compilation Planet Flanders, Marco Ruggioero skyrocketed through his musical journey, collaborating with artists such as Dirk Schreuers, Roman Korolik, Stijn Norga, and Roberti Mercurio to name a few.

Angioletto particolare is a brilliantly composed track with intersecting melodies and beautiful lyrics. Marco Ruggiero sings to his muse – the particular angel – who is the golden light, encouraging Ruggiero to get through his time of melancholy. The masterful use of various instruments and driving drums with a classic sounding guitar reminds me of early rock ballad writers like Blue Öyster Cult and Def Leppard. The inspiring vocals that Ruggiero adds to his already transcendental track just hits you even harder in the soul, giving the track so much depth. I highly rate Angioletto particolare and would recommend this track to anyone who likes some good ole RnR.

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