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Ibbi Too Vicious - Amethyst Skies
Ibbi Too Vicious - Amethyst Skies

Ibbi Too Vicious – Amethyst Skies

Amethyst Skies is Ibbi Too Vicious’s second single. A summer-y song with banjo strings on electronic beats, Amethyst Skies is right on time for the season. Amethyst Skies is a collaboration with two of Ibbi Too Vicious’ closest friends, 380 Melo, and Turner Allen.

Amethyst Skies sounds like a volte from the punk-rock artist’s first single Sybarite Tendencies. However, Ibbi confessed to me the song came out of ‘the most fun studio session (he has) had so far.’ And that is because the three friends and musicians came together to create something very different from their own sounds, really pushing their limits and comfort zones.

A pop, hip-hop mix, the song has a quirky opening, which is fitting given it was a product of the three friends just hanging out. The song opens with a prechorus and chorus which make the most of the catchy melody of the song. Further, Amethyst Skies has a rap verse from 380 Melo, and Turner Allen each. The percussion beats on the song make it sound almost like a dance number, and the rap verses only add to that.

Putting Together Amethyst Skies

Amethyst Skies is about complicated relationships that involve lies and cause unnecessary jealousy due to immaturity from one person or another. It comes from a place of being exhausted from the back and forth, and longing to be in a healthy relationship. Here’s what Ibbi Too Vicious had to say about the song:

“This song is about a girl who was fucking me over because she was confused, and didn’t know what to do. But no matter what she did I still wanted to be with her. ‘Amethyst skies all in my eyes’ refers to the jealousy I was feeling over her. The song is interesting lyrically because sonically it sounds really happy and summer-y and fun. However, the lyrics are actually pretty sad and emo.  The chorus continues by me asking why would she be confused when I’m doing all these things for her. We can be all good if we choose to, and at this point, things with her are all good.”

Finding the Voice

Hey, it’s always good to know things worked out nicely! Next, I asked the young artist about inspiration and what place does his sound comes from.

“I’ve been writing music since I was 16, but only started recording this past November at the end of 2020. I’ve always wanted to make my own music, but never had the confidence. 380 Melo, who has been my friend since kindergarten, started taking his career seriously at the beginning of 2020. Him finding success inspired me to try as well. And it was the best decision I made. I love the feeling I get from writing, recording, performing, and really doing anything that involves music. That is how I know that this is what I’m meant to be doing. I firmly believe that everyone has a purpose and a passion. W when you find the passion, going down that path is made really easy for you. The hard part is finding that purpose in the first place.”

Finding the Stagename

So glad Ibbi found his passion, but where did he find his stage name? Well, you wouldn’t believe this story but it’s true!

“My stage name is derived from my first name, Ibrahim, and paying homage to Sid Vicious of the Sex Pistols. We share the same birthday and I admire him a lot for the energy and attitude he brought everywhere. He really embodied the Punk spirit, which I bring to all my shows. I actually came up with my name two hours before my very first show, which was also when I recorded Sybarite Tendencies. Ibbi was my childhood nickname, but it was usually spelled “Ibby.” I hated that but then my friend came up with the stylization of ‘Ibbi’ which I really loved. The ‘Too Vicious’ part is the homage. I want to bring punk rock back to the big stage, just as the Sex Pistols were instrumental in making the genre popular initially.”

Working with the Best Friends

It’s always insanely fun to work with one’s friends when creating art, and Ibbi Too Vicious felt the same working with his friends on Amethyst Skies.

“In addition to being talented artists, 380 Melo and Turner Allen are also two of my best friends. Collaborating on this song with them was a lot of fun. Turner is our audio engineer at Timeless Recording Studios. And he randomly invited us over for a late night session to hang out and see what we could make. We didn’t have any plans or vision of making anything. 380 Melo pulled up the Amethyst Skies beat and all of us loved it!”

“We all freestyled on the song until we had something cohesive on it, and it luckily came out amazing. We were in the studio that night until about 3 AM. It was also really fun to make because individually none of our music sounds like Amethyst Skies. All three of us were doing something we didn’t usually do, and had to step out of our comfort zone. And we ended up with something where our individual sounds meshed really well. A lot of that definitely came from the fact we are friends, and it was easy to try something new in front of each other. It felt natural to get criticism and bounce ideas off each other in real-time while recording. It was definitely the most fun studio session I have had so far.”

Where it all Started

These boys have been loving music for far too long for it to be a casual interest. And I had to ask Ibbi where does this natural interest come from.

“My mom’s side of the family is very musically inclined. A lot of my inspiration and natural love for music came from them. All my music is about things that have happened to me and stories from my perspective. I’m usually inspired by what’s going on in my life currently or conversations I have so that is natural. In terms of individuals that inspire me creatively, I would definitely say Steve Jobs, Sid Vicious, and Young Thug are some of my biggest inspirations.”

And with that, it was a wrap. Listen to Amethyst Skies by Ibbi Too Vicious here:

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