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Liza Oppenheimer - Nothing Succeeds Like Sussex
Liza Oppenheimer - Nothing Succeeds Like Sussex

Liza Oppenheimer – Nothing Succeeds Like Sussex | Novel

Liza Oppenheimer is a blast of freshness in the contemporary age of music. She has a brilliant ability to satirically create music that expresses her views on the social climate. Oppenheimer busted onto the music scene in 2020, with her debut EP Best Foreign Language Film. Her ability to make her music sound like pop-art comics would if you could hear them. Oppenheimer has a great ability to use humour and vocal toggles that remind me of other comedian musicians like Bo Burnham, Lee Evans, and Jimmy Fallon. You’ll often find yourself chuckling along to whatever Liza Oppenheimer sings about.

Just because she’s hilarious, doesn’t mean that the music is lacking. Oppenheimer brilliantly showcases this in her latest track Meghan And Harry (Nothing Succeeds Like Sussex). The first verse definitely hits out at Meghan Markle, followed by the second verse of both Meghan and Harry’s decision to move out from the United Kingdom. The third verse is definitely my favourite as it talks about how Harry hasn’t really changed apart from him waking from the nightmare of privilege and escaping in exchange for a small fee. I cannot lie, I absolutely rate Liza Oppenheimer and believe she deserves more fame. Even the album art brilliantly mimics the overly politically critical Sex Pistols’ album, Never Mind The Bollocks, Here’s The Sex Pistols. I can’t endlessly rave on any more about this track so just do yourself a favour and listen to it!

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