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Laura Tanifum Different Sides
Laura Tanifum Different Sides

Laura Tanifum – Different Sides

Different Sides by Laura Tanifum is a fierce song about female sexuality. All of Toronto knows the singer for her unapologetic attitude, which makes the theme of the song fitting. Laura Tanifum has written and performed all of the vocals on the pop track, including the rap verses as well.

The Canadian singer, songwriter, and rapped has a French African background. She is a big fan of pop music, and a dedicated Cardi B fan just like the rest of us. Lovingly known as Frenchie, Laura Tanifum is loud and proud of her roots, her personality, and her music.

The sexy, sultry pop number Different Sides is about the different facets of a woman. What seems innocent can get just as savage. This is to say, there are many sides to a woman, and when she wants something she can go after it with passion. 

The song has a RnB trap mixed with hip-hop kind of sound. Laura admits that she wants to create music that does is not confined to any genre. She has said time and time again that she is open to experimentation, and down for an adventure with her pop sound any day!

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