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Charlie Hannah - The Double Life Of Dominique
Charlie Hannah - The Double Life Of Dominique

Charlie Hannah – The Double Life of Dominique | Dreamy

Are you a fan of dreamy music? Classifying his music as Domestica due to the fact that his songs are about housework, hobbies, and the human condition, Charlie Hannah normally performs on his own and sometimes with his backing band, The Hausplants. Hannah uses a variety of different genres that give his music a very unfamiliar feeling. However, the classy, dream-pop sounds are so recognizable, it’s difficult to put your finger on them. With a sound that sounds like The Bee Gees made music with Tame Impala, Charlie Hannah is able to cater to a variety of audiences.

The Double Life Of Dominique is a nod to the various personalities we lead, specifically on social media. This track has so much going on for it. The beats are rolling throughout, accompanied by this lo-fi-sounding synth. The bassline gets you grooving with the unpredictable notes and rhythm. The reverberating vocals of Clementine Blue and Xav Clarke add such depth to the already rich track. Chewbeats and Charlie Hannah have definitely produced a track that may just gain a social following. The Double Life Of Dominique is a track that I can picture in the background while relaxing with my friends.

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