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Burn Like Stars-Shattered Shell
Burn Like Stars-Shattered Shell
Burn Like Stars-Shattered Shell

Burn Like Stars-Shattered Shell | Barrage

It’s been several years since we heard explosive, good metal. All the big names have either taken hiatus or have lost an edge that comes with fresh creativity. As you walk into the unknown, you take only your experiences with you, to create something that bears your name. Check the latest engraving- it is of Burn Like Stars.

With their new track Shattered Shell, the up & coming group is giving established names a run for their money. Fusing musical styles from Periphery & the djent of August Burns Red, the track is haunting yet energizing. Opening with a Shogun era Trivium sound, the track quickly dissipates into a meltdown of metal, banking on the prog metal style. Riffing with crushing mammoth sounds, Burn Like Stars set up a pedestal of nails for Lloyd Ratalsky, who annihilates the vocals with a set of pipes like Jake Veredika from Periphery III.

The production is of superb quality, like Linkin Park’s 2012 album Living Things. The harmony during the chorus melts open the cage, the djent moment’s difficult to resist as I headbang through the song. The execution overall makes the song come together with an intangible adhesive that can keep this group going for a long run, bless us.

Instrumentals are polished before acting like a chaotic backdrop for Ratalsky’s vocals. The single is a sign for much more powerful things to come, and I for one, cannot wait. So come on, step inside this shattered shell.

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