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Split Persona-On Your Own
Split Persona-On Your Own
Split Persona-On Your Own

Split Persona- On Your Own | Brisk

Since the late 00’s, riff-based rock seemed to take a backseat. This doesn’t mean there weren’t songs, its just that people got bored of the similar riffs, almost sounding like they ran out of them. You want something fresh, reader? Get some hard rock punch with Split Persona & their new track, On Your Own.

Vacillating to the hard rock goodness of the Scorpions and the likes, Split Persona uses a Ramones style easy riff to create a catchy tune of their own. It has pieces from Motley Crue & even the new Mammoth WVH, but stays true to its nature. Which is to rock.

With slamming drums, hooks with grips and booming vocals, Split Persona are like a heat seeking missile. Drawing from their album last year by the same name, they’ve come back with a bang to show that they mean business. Keeping punk rock song length, they make sure you experience the exhilaration within those few minutes, where you peak on energy.

It’s time to crush glass and have the more than recommended number of Red Bulls-3. That’s how many wings this song will give you, and keep you wanting more, because who doesn’t want to know how much more powerful taurine is compared to caffeine? Just know that you’re on your own after that.

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