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Snowfish-Chemicals | Detonate

Creating an explosive reaction with the right (or wrong) mix of chemicals, Snowfish create a compound worth listening to time and again. The single is called Chemicals, and it has all the sauces to raise the heat and tempo.

Starting off with the raw power of drums, the song features riff attacks for a few bars before going ballistic on the song. It has riveting energy, high performance and is a wake up for that potassium-in-water reaction you’ve always watched YouTube videos of. Screeching and drifting through the tape, the song keeps you interned like a venus flytrap.

Hitting the snare on the three in the chorus creates an unpredictable backdrop, which is something I love to witness. It keeps the song unpredictable, the listener on their toes. A great song has a great chorus, which can be blamed on the atavistic guitar attack & addictive beat.

Though it has essence and is laced with many elements of MCR & emo-rock, Snowfish have their own unique energy. Their potential is limitless, as seen with their tracks Middle Name & Ghost. Each song reflects their passion for the make, and the Newcastle group have a long road of blistering hot tracks to put out.

Their songs have the rawness of an uncut diamond, whose beauty remains in the raw. The hook to Snowfish is that they’re edgy and unpolished- has a whole new vibe. It is that energy & compassion in the body when a track like this comes out. Blame it on the chemicals.

Draw an edge to the task at hand with Snowfish’s Chemicals:

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