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Our Man in the Bronze Age-Midnight Lovers
Our Man in the Bronze Age-Midnight Lovers
Our Man in the Bronze Age-Midnight Lovers

Our Man in the Bronze Age-Midnight Lovers | Sludge

Radio hits with sludge riffs and slow burn songs used to be a popular conquest before. From Wolfmother to Kyuss and QOTSA, bands have been lighting up lyrics and setting fire on stages with their smashing tracks since the late 90’s. From the jesters of wordplay, we present to you Our Man in the Bronze Age.

Their newest track Midnight Lovers has all that is good in a parcel that is tight. It fits within the radio hits category, headbanger award for “I’ve heard this riff but don’t know where and doesn’t matter” and several others. Midnight Lovers carries great lyrics cased in a container of guitar and drums which are an easy hook. An adrenaline rush of a nightmare, if that makes sense.

The sea of guitar sound is very good relating to the production work. I don’t want to dissect lyrics; they have their own joy of discovery and good content. A wholesome tale is made & it’s a wave that everyone is going to ride, like it or not.

Resonant of QOTSA’s 2005 album Lullabies to Paralyze, Midnight Lovers carries the same leverage, with a different strength. It has been 6 years since their last EP Habanero, but nonetheless the group continues to power on with newfound energy and zeal enough to put the top 10 in the charts to shame.

Break necks with their upbeat track Midnight Lovers here:

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