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ELY-Tornado | Storm

ELY take control of the weather with their latest single Tornado. It’s a whisk of classic and alt rock blends that have a confluence in a merry, enjoyable track that is the first on your road trip playlist.

Jenny Colquitt’s vocals are icing on the cake for a great track with some wonderful elements that create a strong brew. Though they call themselves a blend of Dire Straits, Fleetwood Mac & Heart, this song has more of a solid 80’s rock radio hit vibe. The likes of Rick Springfield shine through more, while I can confidently compare Jenny’s vocals to Ann Wilson from Heart.

The guitar flourishes are just what the doctor ordered, the drums a steady backbeat for the vocals and rhythm to shine. Opening with that classic Tony Thompson/Dave Grohl disco flam, it rides on into the riff that stays a reliable constant. Packed with several surprises but leaning more on that classic rock vibe, Tornado does justice to an era that seems to have passed.

But all good art forms have a renaissance period. Though it may be with the pure reliability and the groove that people associate with, its important to give the people the fun rhythm they never knew they needed till they hear it.

North West UK group ELY has Tornado to shake the mercury up with its energetic vibe. Listen to the track here:

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