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Nick Cody &The Heartache - You Gotta Move
Nick Cody &The Heartache - You Gotta Move

Nick Cody and The Heartache – You Gotta Move

You Gotta Move by Nick Cody & The Heartaches is a dynamic and energetic number with disco beats. It is a part of his latest project Nick Cody & The Heartache, and features instruments like the maraca, electric guitar, percussion, and even electro beats. It’s a combination of instruments and sounds that give it a very 80’s hippie vibe.

The UK-based musician’s new project is titled ‘The Heartaches’ because he says these songs are “lyrically bittersweet and talk about loss and heartache”. However, the music is as energetic as ever, with very catchy drifts and grooves. The melody is hooking, and it seems You Gotta Move is all about making the listener dance!

The lyrics to the song are genuine and deal with the feelings only known to a broken heart, saying ‘you are just a thought away.’ However, there is a maturity that is reflected in the lyrics as Nick Cody sings ‘gotta give your body and mind a chance to grow’ even if that means making very slow progress. 

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