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Wendy Godfrey - Venus
Wendy Godfrey - Venus

Wendy Godfrey – Venus

Venus by Wendy Godfrey is a song that features sultry, RnB style delivery from the vocalist, and unique beats that will take you down a stream of Afroswing.

Wendy Godfrey is based out of Drogheda in the Republic of Ireland. She is an RnB pop artist with a unique spin as all of her music makes heavy use of Afroswing. Afroswing is a genre native to the UK, developed recently in the 2010s. Derived from dancehall and afrobeats, it also incorporates influences of trap and hip-hop.

Venus is Wendy Godfrey’s latest song, but the artist has been receiving accolades for her refreshing sound since her debut single launch in 2020. Since then she has not only released other songs, but also a debut EP.

Venus features the singer-songwriter’s silky vocals. Wendy Godfrey has a hip-hop delivery style that combines very nicely with the beat-heavy music she makes. The song is uber-confident as Wendy sings about the good times in her relationship. Clearly, it has been very fulfilling for her as she remembers being driven so high she felt as if she was among the stars. The experience took her to a different planet altogether, and she is guessing it was Venus.

Wendy’s delivery style and the overall vibe of the song are very reminiscent of Destiny’s Child, which makes sense as the artist credits Beyonce as one of her biggest influences. The rhythm guitar combines with the afrobeats and the trap sounds to serve a memorable melody highlighting the chorus. The cohesive sound of Venus is very energizing. Wendy Godfrey is a force to be reckoned with, and the listeners can sense that something special about her.

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