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Novacain-Shine On Me
Novacain-Shine On Me
Novacain-Shine On Me

Novacain-Shine On Me | Bliss

Novacain are swinging back to the era where you didn’t have to try so hard to be different. Amongst the people who try to break away from the chain, Novacain want to remain a strong link in the same. It is more than evident in their new track, Shine On Me. It is a mélange of many eras and many inspirations.

By trying to just go back to mainstream rock, Portsmouth based group Novacain seem to have created a different flavor of their own. Stating their inspirations as Arctic Monkeys and Daft Punk, you hear a lot of alt-rock influences and patterns, but there’s one difference. I don’t like Arctic Monkeys, but I do like Novacain. They exemplify an atmosphere of their own that is only created with the intention of making good music.

They use the space and volume of the track to create an echo that uses some cool jazz organ and piano flourishes. Such that, the keys stick out, making the sound a bit more different from their contemporaries.

The snare rim knocks are a nice touch, and banking on it makes you wanting the chorus to come back. It has a happy Drake & Josh intro song vibe (if anyone remembers that show on Nickelodeon). The song is simple, unique because of all the layers and bringing in instruments per part of the song makes it more fun.

Reminisce a time you haven’t lived yet with their track Shine On Me:

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