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Magic Sugar Coffee, Joshua Howlett- Blkout
Magic Sugar Coffee, Joshua Howlett- Blkout
Magic Sugar Coffee, Joshua Howlett- Blkout

Magic Sugar Coffee, Joshua Howlett-Blkout | Smash

By now, you’ve heard fusions of very unlikely groups and bands. Post the Napster scene and Spotify coming to the fore, collaborations among artists has become even easier. Though most of them are within the same or similar genre, collabs like Magic Sugar Coffee & Joshua Howlett happen. The product is a stick of dynamite with caffeine and shrooms inside.

Their latest song Blkout is an approach from an indie folk songwriter and performer with a post punk blink-182 group vibe. The song is upbeat, packs great punch and will make you curious on how these different tempos align (Spoiler alert: they somehow do). Bringing forward a sound you’ve heard before but not a song, Blkout creates a typhoon with subdued rain showers in parts. The shift is organic, it has no boundaries & no cut-and-stick sound style which happens between breaks.

The parts of the song not using a rhythm section at the back is innovative. It helps you focus on the lyrics then, for the drum is understood as the spine of the song. No rhythm equals no distraction, and a void before the chorus bursts in like a firestorm.

Magic Sugar Coffee & Joshua Howlett have very different outputs with their solo projects, and though there is a similar ring to it, Blkout is a track that’s going to make your nearest transformer explode. Keep your batteries charged.

Approach with caution to the track here:

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