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Luccii - Beam Me Up
Luccii - Beam Me Up

Luccii – Beam Me Up | Truth

Returning from some of his earlier releases such as motel headspace (2021) and jade green (2020), lyrical hip-hop artist Luccii updates his discography with the release of one of his latest self-produced tracks Beam Me Up.

Spanning for a period of near three minutes, Luccii’s latest cypher is a lyrical introspection and musical exhale arising out of the frustrations of everyday life — things that wear one out of the joy of living and make them question if the status quo is worth preserving. As is customary for him, Luccii maintains an absolutely stern flow on the beat — a perfect combination of the staccato hip-hop element he aims to deliver mixed with a sense of assertiveness and here-and-now.

In a way, Luccii’s flow on the beat seemed to remind me of the clique element that acts like Mobb Deep brought into the scene earlier in the day — lessons and foundations that contemporary artists like Luccii manage not only to continue the legacy of, but also to champion the sound in all its glory. If the cypher had not caused the song to end up in people’s playlists, what puts the feather in the cap is the jazz-rap element that develops in the outro — featuring a ridiculously flamboyant saxophone solo accompanied by the track’s groovy percussion. 

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