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Leah Rich - Honeybee
Leah Rich - Honeybee

Leah Rich – Honeybee | Carefree

2021 is turning out to be a busy year for the discography of singer-songwriter Leah Rich as she returns from her five-year hiatus into the popular music sector. Following up some of her earlier tracks like Fire, Cherry Trees and Always Known, Leah Rich releases her latest track Honeybee.

Spanning for a period of three minutes, Honeybee ticks all the correct boxes necessary for it to a moody and flamboyant indie-pop track. The song is as carefree as it is ostentatious, where the lyricism reflects a theatrically animated and lively lifestyle, unbothered by any of life’s tough struggles that should bind a person down.

Rich’s lyricism appears at its most self-assured and soulfully vibrant, assisted with ambient synth instrumentation and mellow percussive elements that carry the track in the background. Honeybee reminds us to take life as it comes, but most of all to enjoy the things that make it unique through the excitement and here-and-now. 

Making it up to her fans after the break, Leah Rich is developing a unique characteristic sound in the pop genre that should find itself on the playlists of a wide audience. Be sure to have her on too, but be sure to check out Honeybee while you are at it: 

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