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Timothy and the Apocalypse - All I Want
Timothy and the Apocalypse - All I Want

Timothy and the Apocalypse – All I Want | Futuristic

Starting out only this year, Timothy and the Apocalypse has managed to uniquely characterize and champion their own sound in a manner to gain them a very significant base of listeners across the globe. Leaving no stone unturned since the release of some of their earlier work such as You Oughta Love Me and their debut full-length album Future So Bright, the project has released one of their latest tracks — All I Want.

Understandably, the project’s music aims to present itself with a sense of thematic dystopia, a theme that manages to trickle into the track too. Characteristically electronic ambient and dance music, All I Want is a four-minute electronic pulsation presenting itself in a near-occult musical soundscape. Opening up with a throbbing percussive loop, the female vocals in the track resemble ambient art-rock music such as that of Jesper Kyd.

The vocoded male vocals however are oddly reminiscent of an early The Voidz vocal intonation, fitting in perfectly with the beat music hyper-instrumentation that the number manages to weave. All I Want is episodic and thematic, highlighting the project’s fascination with a near-robotic dramatisation of the digital culture. The track also features layered instrumentation such as distorted electric guitars that sound near garage-rock and grunge and ambient synth waves that wash over the track. 

The music of Timothy and the Apocalypse is not just a simple electronic dance music hype. It presents itself with thematic complexities and musical dysphoria. Be sure to check out the track here: 

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