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Pablo Iranzo-Burned Alive
Pablo Iranzo-Burned Alive
Pablo Iranzo-Burned Alive

Pablo Iranzo- Burned Alive | Gritty

New wave & industrial rock welded in an unlikely but imposing combination? A resurgence of good industrial style music had to happen, and the gospeler is none other than Pablo Iranzo. The track in question- Burned Alive.

The new single opens with a tone reminiscent of Joy Division, New Wave legends. Quietly but gradually, it shifts to a Nine Inch Nail style vibe, with distorted guitars on surround and drums that encapsulate industrial and post grunge era of music. The pace is drastically different from his previous track this year, Antidote. Iranzo seems to experiment with sound outputs & effects, clearly experimenting with styles. The music has a certain robust, complete quality to it.

I feel giving the options of remixes is a good idea with tracks. Not only does the listener find the style they might like the most, but translating that style might lead to other avenues to test waters. Pablo Iranzo has vocals that stand out, that demand attention and is the silk among cotton.

The single strums really help in setting a deluge of lyrics sent in through his pained vocals. It combines fortitude & resilience and hope for something better. Pablo Iranzo wields the paintbrush to a mosaic only he knows the result of, or not yet, because that’s where true excitement lies with music.

Listen to his gritty, rocking track here:

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