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John Leslie Hulcombe-Love Found A Way
John Leslie Hulcombe-Love Found A Way
John Leslie Hulcombe-Love Found A Way

John Leslie Hulcombe-Love Found A Way | Ecstatic

Filling an echo chamber with the chimes of stringed instruments, full-sounding drums, and buoyant vocals- John Leslie Hulcombe brings the heat. His new single Love Found A Way is an uplifting, ecstatic jam that reverberates through the times & keeps your spirits perked up.

Hulcombe creates an arrangement inspired by R.E.M & the Talking Heads to create a joyous rendezvous. The timbre on the strumming is rich, and accommodates volume within the track while the drums provide a steady backdrop. The harmonics sound rousing, making the track a definite feel-good playlist addition.

Following on the lines of The Traveling Wilburys style track Born of The Fire, Hulcombe aims to continue spreading joy and positivity with his songs. Assumed tutelage from Tom Petty can be heard in his lyrics, as well as The Boss & the E-Street Band. The song has flourishes from the stringed stimuli as well.

Hulcombe’s style can be described as attack from the get-go, a wake up and shake up vibe. They are churning with excitement and energy- exactly what the doctor prescribed after two years down the hole. Some might rely on the effort of the melancholy that surrounds them, but Hulcombe doesn’t.

Get twirling with happy feet on the track here:

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