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Finch Faux - So Let It Begin
Finch Faux - So Let It Begin

Finch Faux – So Let It Begin | Supernova

Just starting out in the process of stringing together what is certainly promising to be a very impressive discography, singer-songwriter Finch Faux releases her debut track — So Let It Begin.

The name perhaps coincidental to the nature of the track to her discography, So Let It Begin is a four-minute electronic folk saga, occasionally characterising itself into similar offshoots and genres such as electronic dance, folktronica, electronic ambient music and electronic alt-rock. The track opens up with electronic synths that build up an ominous-sounding soundscape, quickly getting embellished by the uplifting (to say the least) and prophetic vocals of Finch Faux. The percussion in the track appears with a sense of musical finality, providing the track with its truly immersive and introspective mood.

The electronic synths and guitar tones remind the listeners of acts like The Postal Service, and the lyrics reflect greatly on the Oraclic capacity of acts like Tash Sultana. A debutant track by no stretch, So Let It Begin contains the mark of a maestro musician who knows their territory into the industry and is equipped with the technical and emotional know-how to truly pull every string of your soul to make it sing. 

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