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Dave Webb - The World Stopped Turnin'
Dave Webb - The World Stopped Turnin'

Dave Webb – The World Stopped Turnin’ | Chaos

Dave Webb is an Australian musician who says that he doesn’t just make music but he lives it. He expresses his views on various things in life through music. Webb has released three singles since 2020. Sunrise and Unfinished Sculpture were written fifteen years ago, and his latest track, The World Stopped Turnin’, is his first 100% Dave Webb project.

Webb states that this (The World Stopped Turnin’) is his version of how 2020 went down. His heavy usage of rock to convey his expressionistic view is well-presented in the big riffs, driving drums, epic lead guitar and a powerful melodic vocal as he puts it. Dave Webb reminds me of old school rock and metal artists like KISS, Metallica and Tool meet early 2000s punk like Good Charlotte and Chevelle. His amazing perception of the guitar fretboard paired with his awareness of musical elements really gives him that driving force that the expressionist medium of rock allows you.

If I had to listen to a recap of the year 2020, The World Stopped Turnin’ is a great way for it. Dave Webb has created something akin to Samuel Taylor Coleridge’s The Rime Of The Ancient Mariner.

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