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Daniel Fin-By the Ears
Daniel Fin-By the Ears
Daniel Fin-By the Ears

Daniel Fin-By the Ears | Coarse

Like many other artists here, you might have not heard of Daniel Fin. An indie artist, his music is personal, a narrative and in his words, flawed. His fresh track By the Ears is all of that and more, relying on the pure joy of what all music belongs to. It also is a reminder of what it transcends.

Tom Petty had once said in an interview, “Music isn’t supposed to be perfect. Its about people relating to each other and it must really come from the soul”. This is the very incarnation of those very wise words. Fin creates a song that not just tells a personal story, but narrates it with an orchestral background for support. The song is light, fun and a good time for anyone searching for soul in a track.

However, Daniel Fin’s song talks about something deeper. The way he relays his tracks, the things he chooses to tell the listeners as a work of art are different from many artists. He roots his musical fibers in his experiences, unpolished and raw. That also means relatable.

What I enjoyed is the nature of the track. How the vocals aren’t synthesized. They’re rough at the edges, like humans. Daniel Fin & his music speak of the journey of a human. For now, he has you by the ears.

Listen to his raw, truthful and messy track here:

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