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Body Drama - Out of My Way
Body Drama - Out of My Way

Body Drama – Out of My Way EP

Indie collab artist Body Drama is out with their EP Out of My Way. This is the first album from the artist who is based out of Brooklyn New York, following the success of their last two singles.

About Body Drama

The collaboration project is the brainchild of John Osment who manages the sound production, and Sydney Amanuel whose vocals are features across the tracks. Body Drama has a distinctive style that combines the experience of a cinematic atmosphere with varying textures and tones in their music. The lyrics are poetic given their songwriting style, and Amanuel’s angelic vocals bring these to life.

In their debut EP Out of My Way, they have brought their signature style to the forefront. They combine Electro, Dream-Pop, and Trip-Hop in varying styles across the four tracks of the album. These are May Queen, Sick Crack, Never Learn a Lesson, and Heat Haze. Each song is able to create a unique emotional sensation for the listeners while also complying with the band’s alternate trance bracket.

Out of My Way EP Track List

The first track on the EP is May Queen. It opens with ominous vocals and percussion beats that offer a trans vibe. This first verse serves as a prelude not only to the song but also to the album. Then the gripping intro gives way to the second verse where you hear pronounced beats with sharp distortion. Combined with the vocals, it creates a haze of sounds that feels like floating upside down in rolling ocean waves.

Next up is Sick Crack, and this track immediately snaps the listener into a different zone. There is a meditative beat across the number, and a gentle melody dwells on them. The vocals featured on the track are also very soft. They give way to long, hypnotizing instrumental breaks that feature peacefully collated electronic sounds.

The third track is Never Learn a Lesson that opens with an almost pensive melody that feels like a long search coming to fruition. The song is relatively lyric-heavy, and the words are about complicated love emotions that are hard to share with one’s love interest. The song feels very relaxed and calm, especially with the distorted keys that give it its body. 

The EP ends with the song Heat Haze which is also the longest on the album. The track feels energetic and upbeat from the get-go, and also happens to be lyric-heavy like the last track. It is safe to say that this song accentuates the singer’s vocals. It also combines the sensual, high voice with jazzy beats, and once again the distortion is unmissable. This is especially so as the lyrics are also mixed with distortions at certain points. The ending to the song is especially catchy, and ends the entire album in such a way that the listener’s complete attention is on the sound. 

In Conclusion

The songs on the album do not feature a conventional structure but bring about a special cinematic feel. In that way they are all very different, however, Body Drama’s production style ties them all together very cohesively.

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