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Ali Manges-Tangerine Love
Ali Manges-Tangerine Love
Ali Manges-Tangerine Love

Ali Manges-Tangerine Love | Amity

Tangerine Love is a message that what you need for good music is a state of mind. You take a twig of a sweet chord progression, twirl it into a crown and wear it while taking a walk in the woods. That’s the mood behind Ali Manges newest track.

Relying on the bare minimalism of her enchanting voice and a motley of guitars, her track aims to smile at the little things in life. From a bird perched on a tree to the autumn leaves falling, Ali sings about nature that is calling. Yes, I realized that was a rhyme, an intentional & maybe subsequent thing to do listening to good music.

This is how indie music peaks. The true meaning of indie is not the corporate tag put on it, but the magic of the individual or group behind. That they sing about what matters to them, and small things tend to matter once you have gratitude. From a soundtrack for a nice long walk to the female lead’s song in a Disney film, Ali Manges manages to create a song for all seasons. It’s a happy song, a complete song & also, those guitar flourishes sound mesmerizing. It’s that bitter sweet taste of a tangerine, like all things in life.

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