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Ivon Roberts - Solo.
Ivon Roberts - Solo.

Ivon Roberts – Solo.

When I first heard the peppy single Solo. from Ivon Roberts, I was dancing and grooving the whole time. And I kid you not when I say the chorus is still stuck in my head. The song features A.M.K., another indie artist. Together, the talented indie artists have created a track that belongs on any chart this summer.

About Ivon Roberts

I want to start out saying Ivon Roberts is ‘a small town boy with a heart full of music and a head full of dreams.’ This might make Ivon blush, but hey, that’s how it is! I asked Ivon about himself since he has been so quiet about his brand this whole time.

He said, “I guess I’m just a boy who loves to turn my messy life experiences into catchy pop songs. It’s how I like to process and deal with the issues in my life. I grew up with little to no friends (other than my two dogs, who were amazing listeners but not the best with the advice!) And in a society where it wasn’t very ‘acceptable’ for boys to express their emotions.”
“So I turned to music from a very young age to express all my feelings as a grew up . I’ve been writing songs since I was around 9 years old. That is over a decade now, and I’ve been recording my songs since I was around 15 years old. It just became a normal part of my routine, and to this day it’s still the best form of therapy I’ve ever had! I can’t go a day without writing something.”

Ivon Robert’s latest track Solo.

Now that makes sense. ‘Solo.’ is such a well produced number, one wouldn’t believe it is indie. But Ivon Roberts has been at it for a decade, so clearly that’s where his talent has been honed.

Solo. is about leaving behind the baggage of unhealthy, toxic love and heading onto a journey of self love. To me, the period at the end of Solo. is also very meaningful. It symbolises the end of the argument and discussion about whether or not to be alone. The object is finalized, and there is no other choice but to head on for self growth. So I asked Ivon himself about the inspiration and birth of the song.

Ivon revealed that ‘Solo.’ was a very different song when it was first being written. “Initially, it was a depiction of an argument between two partners. One person was saying they were done with the bad relationship. The other was saying that their partner wouldn’t last without them. Clearly a very toxic and emotionally manipulative situation!
However, as time went on and we got further away from the real situation, Ann-Marie (A.M.K) and I decided that the song needed to be an uplifting anthem for us. It had to go along our own personal journeys to self-love and a better lifestyle. We wanted to celebrate our new, healthier way of living after getting past those toxic situations. In our own company, we could both live perfectly content and fulfilled lives. We don’t need anyone else’s presence or approval to be happy.”

Takeaways from Solo.

He further added what he wanted the listeners to take away from the song. “I guess I’d like the people who can relate to this experience to feel seen and understood when they hear ‘Solo.’. I hope they feel uplifted and empowered in their journey of learning to love and rely on yourself. And of course, I’d love for all people to enjoy the listening experience, to shake their booties a little bit, and to feel good afterwards. (And to hit the “play on repeat” button too, please!)” 

While Solo. is definitely a song that deals with a lot of emotions, it is also incredibly playful! When I nudged him about that, here’s what Ivon added.

“Well I would definitely consider myself to be quite a ‘playful’ and lively person, aside from my serious and honest moments. I always ensure that I’m putting my authentic take, and personality into all of my songs, regardless of the theme/subject. There’s no point in trying to emulate anyone else – since they already exist. I find that being as uncomfortably honest and personal as possible makes for better songs overall, whether that’s on a more emotional level or a more witty take.”

Ivon’s Inspirations

Well said, Ivon! So where does this idea and sense of music come from? What inspires it, and the man who creates it?

“I love artists whose music and lyrics I can connect with. My favourites at the moment are Dua Lipa, Ava Max and Carly Rae Jepsen. They are all amazing Pop artists! My longtime favourites, however, would be The Corrs, Kesha, Taylor Swift, and Aly & AJ. I’ve always felt and related so deeply to the music that they make and the words that they write.”

“I credit these artists as inspirations, but I credit myself for figuring out what music I want to make. This includes what words I want to say, and what my overall ‘brand’ in music. I’ve been making music for so long now, though mostly privately. I’ve dipped my toes into so many different styles and genres over the years to find the exact type of music that I wanted to create. I think I’m still doing that, and will continue to do that for as long as I’m able to make music.”

“My life is constantly changing and I’m always growing, and with that I’ve found that my music changes and grows too. The only constant has been that I’m always uncomfortably honest about the things that I choose to talk about in my songs, and that I write with my own voice and nobody else’s. I think that’s what makes me stand out in the constantly-growing sea of Pop artists.” 

And I think Ivon hit the nail on the head with this one. Inspirations are those icons who help you discover what you like, but self discovery is a journey you must undertake by yourself. Being at it for so many years is what makes Ivon Roberts such a powerhouse. His art is very well-polished, and he talks like a person with utmost clarity about it too!

Up and coming from Ivon Roberts

Finally, I asked Ivon about what comes after Solo., and what did he want to say to those who listent to it and love it. The humble musician had my heart with this one. He said, “To anyone who’s ever listened to my music: thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for every single stream, and share, and purchase, and comment, and tiny morsel of support that you have ever sent my way.”
“Making music is extremely fulfilling and a privilege to be able to do, but it is such a tough and sometimes thankless job. There is a sickening amount of work, preparation, and promotion that goes into it that the public never sees. I can’t stress it enough how even just that one stream or that one show of support really does make a difference, and mean the world to an artist. So thank you so much once again for giving me your time, your attention, and your support.”

And lastly, about what comes next he added, “Feel free to stick around because there is so much more music to come this year, and next year too! I’ve been building up my releases as frequently as possible as 2021 goes by. This is all leading up to the release of my first full album – ‘I’m Just Feeling Some Type Of Way.’ coming out before the end of the year.”

And I can already confirm, we’ve got our eyes out for I’m Just Feeling Some Type Of Way.’

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