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Cole Stock - Leave Me in a Heartbeat
Cole Stock - Leave Me in a Heartbeat

Cole Stock – Leave Me in a Heartbeat

Indie musician Cole Stock is out with his latest song Leave Me in a Heartbeat. The indie-pop song combines acoustic and electric guitar, drums, cymbals, and percussion. The beats are fast, and the melody is very catchy. The singer has very distinctive vocals that stand out, making the song very memorable.

Cole Stock is a Warwickshire-born English musician, multi-instrumentalist, and singer-songwriter. He has performed for BBC Introducing, opened for Starsailors James Walsh, and collaborated with international sensations like Jannike SandstrΓΆm, Rachaaylou, neo-soul DJ Paper Street Soul, and many more. Furthermore, The Beetles, Embrace, Blur, and Supergrass have always been sources of inspiration for him. As a result, his work has a distinctly British flavor to it, as well as a modern pop-rock feel.

The first verse of his song “Leave Me in a Heartbeat” is acoustic, with features guitar and drums. Cole Stock’s voice takes center stage in the chorus that follows. The song takes on a pop-rock flavor in the second stanza, with a distorted electric guitar riff. The singer’s vocals are blended with electric guitar and percussion in the bridge to masterfully end the song on a high note.

The singer expresses his affection for his partner, as well as his dread of being abandoned by her with his honest lyrics.  He can’t fathom their connection ending. Despite the difficulties that may come, he is optimistic that she won’t leave him out of the blue. He is confident that she loves him the same way, and that they will thrive and see the positive side of things.

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