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Pablo Iranzo - Something
Pablo Iranzo - Something

Pablo Iranzo – Something | Definitive

Pablo Iranzo has managed to devise a very unique sounding style of music — a cause that he has championed to the fullest degree. Making his way back from some of his earlier work such as Chaotic Neutral and his 2020 full-length EP The Found Sessions, Iranzo updates his discography with various renditions of what seems to be his flagship track — Something.

To be found in its most original element inside the track’s self-titled EP, Something is a mixture of electronic dance/electronic ambient music, some elements of chamber and art rock in accompaniment with what appears to be a very recurring gothic thematisation in his music. The seven-minute track is a near saga, opening up in a piano-led synth and violin creating an ambient atmosphere that quickly develops into an electronic pulsation assisted by Iranzo’s fervent vocal performances.

The track is dramatic, even near-operatic, functioning in a cinematic landscape. Thematically, the lyricism represents emotional turbulence, confusion, desolation and despondency — each a theme that Pablo Iranzo manages to portray to its quintessential element with his stunning vocal performance. 

Something is now available for streaming. Be sure to check out the track here: 

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