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Olympic Bingo - Clouds (Ft. Ciara Walsh)
Olympic Bingo - Clouds (Ft. Ciara Walsh)

Olympic Bingo – Clouds | Ecstatic

This Australian multi-instrumentalist really knows how to get you going. Olympic Bingo (AKA William Bahnish) produces such melodious tunes with a pretty jazzy drum.

Clouds has got so many layers to it. Olympic Bingo has made an absolutely killer track with jazz undertones that are an absolute joy to listen to. The initial bass that’s accompanied by the drums are then met by the enchanting vocals of Ciara Walsh is just pure ecstasy. It’s hard to put my thumb on what makes this track so amazing, maybe it’s because each element of the song is so beautiful. Right from the bass to the drums, piano, synths, strings, and voice that Ciara Walsh provides makes you feel like everything in the world is right.

The good news is that Olympic Bingo released Clouds as part of his debut album, Aloof. Let me tell you that all his music will get you in the mood. Kind of like a jazzy slowed down mix of Tame Impala and Glass Animals. I can tell you that this is a track that I’m saving to my playlists right now. I highly recommend listening to Clouds and the rest of the Olympic Bingo discography. A great experience!

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