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Ex Ømerta - The End Of The End Of The World
Ex Ømerta - The End Of The End Of The World

Ex Ømerta – The End Of The End Of The World | Contagious

Remember all the newspapers and tabloids that went crazy once complaining that rock music was over? The sound of the quintessential gentrification through contagious rock music was declared done and dusted, till bands like Ex Ømerta rushed into the scene breaking apart the negative narrative.

Returning from some of their earlier works like Blow Up and You Know It’s Wrong, the alternative rock/pop-punk group update their discography with the release of their latest upbeat single — The End Of The End Of The World. Borrowing inspiration from some of the most widely celebrated formulas of hard-rock, pop-punk and alternative rock elements, the three-minute number appears replete with the baritone ashen vocal performance, the distorted electric guitar strums and the staccato percussion — tailor-made for audience revelling in the genre.

A ridiculously electric pick-me-up track, the song has the essential element of being able to draw people onto itself — highlighting the members’ ability of being truly good showmen. Understandably, the lyricism and theme of the track births out of the world’s current predicament — an uncertain adversity with no foreseeable future. In the face of such times, Ex Ømerta asks their listeners to not lay down the sword, but to participate in swan songs if the music should be so, to celebrate one another and life itself even if it should be for the last time. 

We had the pleasure of reaching out to the group for their own inputs to the track. Here is how that went: 

Congratulations on your new track! We noticed that this is one of the first releases since the 2020 extension of your debut self-titled album ‘Ex Ømerta’. Does this new track mark the beginning of the teaser “singes for a new album or an EP?

It’s our comeback to releasing new music, but we don’t have a plan for it to be included on an album or EP yet. This track is a standalone single at the moment, but you can expect a constant flow of music from us from here on. We’re setting our sights on putting out more than just one compilation of music from all of the new songs we’ve been recording during lockdown! There is no planned release for an album or EP at the moment, but we are excited to say that when it does come, it is going to rock!

How would you describe the track to someone who’s just getting into Ex Ømerta?

This song is a big departure in some ways, but carries the spirit of what our music is – unapologetic, and in-your-face. Our previous songs were a lot darker, but we wanted to give hope and optimism in the scope of our pandemic-themed song, something that’s understandably missing from a lot of other songs in this vein. 

Are there any predominant musical influences that Ex Ømerta owe their inspiration to?

This is a long list that is forever evolving as our own personal and collective tastes change. We originally drew influences from garage-rock bands such as White Stripes and Queens of the Stone Age, but more recently we have been finding influences in pop-punk, hip hop and pop music at large. To be clear, we still LOVE our rock and love to draw inspiration from bands like Bring Me The Horizon, CRX, Muse and Royal Blood.

The urgency of the party while the world is ending – with everything going on in the world, would you say the new track is an optimistic commentary in the face of adversity?

Precisely! We timed this release with the rollout of our own local vaccination campaigns in our hometown Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. This also serendipitously coincided with many aspects of the reopening of Canada. Things are looking positive where we are from and for some other aspects of the world, but we wanted to end the song with the lyric “if we look out for each other one day, we can party like it’s the end of the world” because we are aware that there are many places across the globe that do not share the same kind of privilege in vaccine access that North Americans do. There is still a long way to go at an international level to ensure safety of all people from COVID-19 infection, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel. And when it comes, we want this to be a party anthem for everybody!

Lastly, what were the inspirations behind the track, if any?

The musical foundations of the song drew from the anthemic driving forces that can be found on a plethora of Muse tracks, and the soundscape of early 2000’s pop-punk. As the song developed the lyrical themes and nursery-rhyme-like quality of the vocals started to dig into the realm of some contemporary Canadian East Coast music, which made this a totally unique sound for an Ex Ømerta tune.  

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