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ELLSWORTH- Potholes | Breathe

Indie artist ELLSWORTH reigns in warm textures and the intonations of blues slide in her new track, Potholes. The singer-songwriter from Denver proceeds to experiment with what horizons she can broaden with the fresh take of this song. Extending the chord magic of John Mayer & the likes, her new song aims to inspire- to create and explore.

Using all live instruments, ELLSWORTH performs a heartfelt carol with layers aplenty. Embossing the woody, earthy feeling of her single with pockets of blues guitar solos, Potholes fills all the gaping holes you felt for the moment. Her track rejuvenates, and is brimming with positivity.

The accent of Nylon strings complements her illusory vocal ability, creating a mirage to glide over with the background instruments. The lyrics are uplifiting & happy- they help meld together the background & ELLSWORTH’s surreal voice. As the song glides by- you stand at a distance to preview the picture she painted.

Cascading through the seconds, the song includes soft sections of caramelized guitar bits- organs holding together parts of the song. The change in guitar tones really helps the vibe shift. The instrumentals are a tapestry of their own and really help Potholes become all that it can be.

The guitar solo section is the smell of petrichor within the soothing cool breezes from the vocals. The song really binds itself and establishes itself as one of ELLSWORTH’s best.

Listen to her 2021 album Ellsworth as well for more delectable tracks.

This is Potholes by ELLSWORTH:

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