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Danny Mellin-His Favourite Sweatshirt
Danny Mellin-His Favourite Sweatshirt
Danny Mellin-His Favourite Sweatshirt

Danny Mellin- His Favourite Sweatshirt | Jam

Remember the days when Weezer & Blur dominated the charts with Britpop & alt rock? Danny Mellin aims to bring those days back with his new track, His Favourite Sweatshirt.

Building up to a classic Britpop jam, Mellin creates a vortex of time to indulge you in with slide riffs, the true backbone of post-grunge madness. They claim rock is dead, that can’t be true because Mellin is kicking up dust while doing it. A charismatic tune, song about an object- all the boxes are ticked for this great indie rock jam.

The indie method rises from the top of the hill, and rolls down in an adventurous path with Danny’s tracks. They personify ample spirit, energy, and exhilarating tempo to really groove and dance to a track. Instead of relying on mellow, basic interchanges with no real exchange, His Favourite Sweatshirt raise the stakes for individuals.

Rising on the BBC Radio platform, Mellin’s songs are radio friendly & connect to every kind of listener. It shows rock doesn’t have to be elitist, it can hold on to connecting everyone’s state of mind and spirit. He’s been writing from the age of 14, and already has some gifted hooks to parlay with his listener group.

Danny Mellin displays talent not common for someone at this age. The songs are packed with ingredients, and it’s a kit of parts, for everyone to listen to what they want. His songs remind you that there is a silver lining, even if it is in the seams of your pants. Simple, yet fun.

Listen to his energetic jam here:

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