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CAT UNA - Temporary Blues
CAT UNA - Temporary Blues

CAT UNA – Temporary Blues

Temporary Blues by CAT UNA is a stripped-down song about the ups and downs of love and life. Simple instrumentation and the singer’s far-reaching voice make it an intimate affair. Since CAT UNA records her music live, the song’s listening experience is remarkably comparable to that of a live concert.

The UK-based singer-songwriter is very unfiltered in her songwriting process. The artist understands that we rarely express our true feelings in today’s environment, especially now that we are all cooped up in our homes. Hence, she is trying to change that with her music.

CAT UNA’s Temporary blues is a jazzy song about the ebb and flow of love’s feelings. And love might be accompanied by grief and the realisation that it is a fleeting feeling. The lyrics are honest and well-crafted, reflecting the same. CAT UNA sings about how the longer a relationship lasts, the more it hurts, and how the experience delights her less as she grows older and wiser. 

Temporary Blues combines bass and electric guitar, clicks and clappers, percussion, and drum cymbals. It has two verses, each of which is followed by a chorus. The song ends with the ensuing bridge is both musically and experientially the song’s high point. CAT UNA’s vocals shine clearly in the chorus, proving that this literary genius is also a singing talent.

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