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Balaciaga - Nothing To Me
Balaciaga - Nothing To Me

Balaciaga – Nothing To Me

Singer and rapper Balaciaga is no more an underground artist as she has released her first-ever single – Nothing to Me. The track has a quintessential modern hip-hop sound with trap beats laid across the electronic production.

Balaciaga has seasoned vocals on her very first single; she has a smooth husky voice and an almost sensual delivery. Her verse sits well on the track melody, and she pulls off the chorus and bridge like a pro.

Nothing to Me is a proper girls-night song: it is empowered and independent. Balaciaga opens the song with vocalizations and soon jumps into the meat of it. She directly addresses her partner who has been treating her poorly. While she submitted herself to him at one point, now the tables have turned as she has learned his reality. He constantly hurt her and eventually cheated on her. She cared about him for a long time, but now she makes it very clear that he means nothing to her anymore.Β 

The song has a pop song structure with two verses followed by a dreamy bridge. It ends with a post-chorus that sticks in the listeners’ heads, thanks to its truly sick beats.

Listen to Nothing to Me by Balaciaga here:

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