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A.b. Violet - Only Need Me
A.b. Violet - Only Need Me

A.b. Violet – Only Need Me | Entrancing

Essex-based artist, A.b. Violet, has dropped her debut single, Only Need Me. She describes her music as “Shower vocals meets midi keyboard once again.” She studied for a music degree and showcases her abilities in her music. A.b. Violet reminds me of Enya, but if she was techno. Only Need Me is a mellow trance-like song. The reverb on her vocals add a great psychedelic feeling and make you feel like you’re in a different space altogether. The beats to the track have a very intense tempo that keeps your body moving too. The track really sounds like it could be played in a classy club to keep people in the mood. I personally wouldn’t mind listening to it while I’m gaming or just working, it really helps you stay focused on whatever it is that you’re doing. At the same time, the instrumental is so melodiously spaced out. The airy percussive instruments that A.b. Violet plays in the background add so much depth to the track with such a minor role. The minimalism of this track is what makes it for me. A.b. Violet is definitely someone we’d like to hear more music from. Fortunately, she’s decided to put out more music when she has some time off!

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