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WOL-Friend that Never Was
WOL-Friend that Never Was
WOL-Friend that Never Was

WOL-Friend that Never Was | Vibe

It isn’t very difficult to create a track with effects now. Pro Tools has everything you need, and all you need to do is stack them up to create samples from scratch. Or you could call an opera, make them create an RnB arrangement, whittle in some pop & add effects. Too difficult? Call lo-fi aces WOL.

WOL managed to create an addictive track called Friend that Never Was with soul and punch, along with everything else I mentioned above. They’ve nailed production, with layers balanced out in a delicate embroidery of sorts. The track has true gravitas, it holds you by your senses and demands you listen.

That’s what you need from a track now. You don’t need the sandblasted polished version of the same thing you hear on the radio. The next time you hear a track, there should be an element of surprise that your ears could do that. Lo-fi doesn’t mean drowning out the elements of music with deafening bass or overpowered samples at weird levels. Take a seat and observe what WOL has done.

The vocals are at the forefront, you never forget what the song is trying to say. Focus on the background a little bit, and there is an Apocalypse Now level amount of work being done. It isn’t done because there is space, it’s carefully placed to hear. A sonic delight.

WOL has other great singles like Dreamlander & It’s A Funny Time to Lose, but this takes the cake. We might never know what WOL stands for, but then again, we do, don’t we?

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