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Stephanie Rodriguez - Crazy Game
Stephanie Rodriguez - Crazy Game

Stephanie Rodriguez – Crazy Game

Solo artist Stephanie Rodriguez’ debut EP Crazy Game is out and music fanatics across the globe are in awe. Stephanie is a powerhouse, writing, and lending vocals to all of her music. Her beats are nostalgic and peppy, and her lyrics are soulful. Further, the five songs in the album suggest that the crazy game that is the album’s namesake is but Love!

The Track List

The first song on the album is Fine With Me. It is a breakup song that is about being the winner of a bad situation. The Maraca gives the song a Caribbean vibe, and has the tempo of a 80’s reggae pop song. With that, the track sets the stage for a great set of songs right off the bat.

The next track is I Ain’t Looking, a more symphonic number that reminds you of your favourite Whitney Houston song. The song opens with vocalizations, and progresses with a slow tempo that matches the pain of the lyrics. While the singer is not looking for love or validation anymore, she still holds profound grief in her heart.

The third and middle song Shine is the anchor for the album. It features soulful R&B beats, and feels like a Beyonce song from the 90’s. This song is all about being one’s own person. and cheer oneself through the hardships. The lyrics align with the same, as the singer knows she was meant to shine. She might weep, but she is convinced she can overcome her fears with her innate belief in her abilities. 

Next, About Time is more upbeat than the last song. Stephanie sings that she has no time for loneliness or feeling empty. Instead, it is about time to move on and move ahead. She remembers feeling trapped in chains and thinking she could never recover from these feelings. However, she is now strong and knows her heart belongs elsewhere. Moreover, a disco beat makes it a very dance-able song!

The last song is more empowered than its predecessors. Follow My Destiny is the perfect note to close the intimate album on. Stephanie uses the piano to make the song very classical. Combined with Latin guitar riffs it transforms into a liberating melody.


Crazy Game is Stephanie Rodriguez’s first album, yet is incredibly promising. It features well-crafted lyrics, a distinguished sound that reflects her personality, and her vocals not only shine but connect with the listeners. She has kicked off the project with confidence and grit. Crazy Game is clearly the first chapter to a powerful and emotive story coming very soon!

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