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RUTHEE-Breathe the Same
RUTHEE-Breathe the Same
RUTHEE-Breathe the Same

RUTHEE-Breathe the Same | Charm

When groups experiment with poetry, it leaves in its wake something unique, yet tied to experiences we all feel. Plenty of great lyricists have experimented with musicians, Taupin & John, Dylan & Dylan, Morrissey & Marr and so on. It’s a fuse to an explosion of a great track, or vice-versa.

The coda here is Breathe the Same, by RUTHEE. Coating a finished piece with several layers of effects & charming symphonies, the track grabs your attention. Sounding like an MGMT & Tame Impala collaboration, the track creates a baroque culmination of smooth melodies. Apply over this a Billie Jean inspired bassline and synth escapades, you have a loose definition of Breathe The Same.

Olivia’s vocals stand out as a bejewelled adornment on a permeating environ shaped by the synth and drum track. The lyrics are expressive- they say what is being said many a times, but differently. As the track finishes, it leaves an aura that is immaculate- worth holding on to.

The group from LA complete each other to affect by effect. Nic & Ben, brothers, craft simple harmonies and arrangements while a sheet of glitter in the form of lyrics embellish the song. RUTHEE find their own sound with this single- it is derivative yet stands on the other side of the line.

Songs like this often get lost in this haze. It is important to build on what we have, chisel it to perfection and yes, sometimes it is important to dazzle. When you don’t do it visibly, but by merit of the gift of sound you give the world.

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